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M2 Traffic Flow observations.

The traffic flow surrounding the M2 is being monitored by the Johannesburg Roads Agency.

M2 Westbound:  

During the morning peak the back of queue was just after Chilvers, approximately 1,8km before the closure point and appeared to remain steady. The majority of vehicles were exiting at Maritzburg, not Ruvern road creating a substantial queue on Maritzburg up until Durban Road, where most vehicles turned left towards the city and not at Anderson as per the detour plan. 

Ruven Street is far less congested than Maritzburg and motorists are encouraged to make use of both Maritzburg and Ruven to enter the city.

M2 Eastbound:

M1 approaching from the south backed up from Booysens Road off-ramp. With no traffic coming from the M2 onto the M1 leading towards Sandton, there is plenty of spare capacity on the double decker section northbound with no weaving constraints.

The queue on the M1 approaching from the south is actually slightly less than what would normally be incurred and that is as a result of the additional free capacity on the double decker section.  The queue is normally passed to Crownwood Road off ramp.

The M1 southbound on the double decker, queue is after Carr Street on ramp, with Village Street heavily congested as can be expected.

The motorists are encouraged to make use of Jan Smuts and Smit Street off ramps.

Booysens Road is heavily congested and the department will monitor the performance of the traffic signals along this corridor and implement any timing changes if needed.

Inner City Roads

Main arterials in the inner city such as Anderson,  Pixley Ka Seme Road  
(formerly, Sauer street)  and Rissik streets are all experiencing heavy congestion but this is typical  of morning peak hour conditions in the city.

Other main arterials

Traffic flow along some arterials such as Joe Slovo, Heidelberg, M1 double decker northbound are all performing better as a result of the closure as can be expected given the reduced demand on these links.

Overall the traffic conditions is better than expected given the impact of the closure of M2 which peaks at 12,000 vehicles per hour both direction.

Source: JRA_04 March 2019
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